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1956 Press Photo Delivering the Mail in Flooded Riverside CA Mel Greenwood
  • Press Delivering Photo 1956 Mel Greenwood the CA Flooded in Mail Riverside Riverside Mail in Press the CA Greenwood Delivering Flooded 1956 Photo Mel
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Downey Ca. flood waters
  • Press Downey Photo 1956 Ca. waters flood flood waters Press Ca. Downey 1956 Photo
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Flooded houses in Mesa, Washington - spa64163
  • Press Flooded Photo 1956 houses spa64163 Washington Mesa, in - - in Mesa, Press houses spa64163 Flooded Washington 1956 Photo
  • $15.99
1956 Press Photo Indians- Blackfoot, flooded building site - spx13187
  • Press Indians- Photo 1956 Blackfoot, spx13187 site building flooded - - flooded building Press Blackfoot, spx13187 Indians- site 1956 Photo
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Car crossing flooded Chelan County road, Washington - piw06485
  • Press Car Photo 1956 - piw06485 crossing Washington County Chelan flooded road, road, flooded Chelan Press crossing Washington piw06485 Car County 1956 Photo -
  • $20.00
1956 Press Photo Flooded residential area in Washington - spa71157
  • Press Flooded Photo 1956 residential spa71157 Washington in area - - area in Press residential spa71157 Flooded Washington 1956 Photo
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Boston's Back Bay shopping area was flooded
  • Press Boston's Photo 1956 Back flooded area shopping Bay was was Bay shopping Press Back flooded Boston's area 1956 Photo
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Rescued from Flood by Warren Firemen
  • Press Rescued Photo 1956 from Warren by Flood Firemen Firemen Flood by Press from Rescued Warren 1956 Photo
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Hurricane Flossy - A car drives through a flooded roadway.
  • Press Hurricane Photo 1956 a flooded Flossy through car roadway. A - drives drives roadway. - A Press Flossy through flooded Hurricane car 1956 Photo a
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Aerial View Of Porterville Area In Flood Danger By Tule River
  • Press Aerial Photo 1956 Danger By River View Flood Area Tule Porterville Of In In Tule Of Porterville Press View River Flood By Aerial Area 1956 Photo Danger
  • $13.99
1956 Press Photo Flood in Warren
  • Press Flood Photo 1956 in Warren Warren Press in Flood 1956 Photo
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Hurricane Flossy brings Flood Waters with stranded Motorist
  • Press Hurricane Photo 1956 Motorist Flossy stranded Waters Flood brings with with brings Flood Press Flossy stranded Hurricane Waters 1956 Photo Motorist
  • $18.88
1956 Press Photo Mrs William Schultz at her flooded Cleveland home
  • Press Mrs Photo 1956 home William Cleveland her at Schultz flooded flooded Schultz at Press William Cleveland Mrs her 1956 Photo home
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo A car driving through the flooded streets of Berkeley
  • Press A Photo 1956 of Berkeley car streets the through driving flooded flooded driving through Press car streets Berkeley A the 1956 Photo of
  • $27.97
1956 Press Photo The flood waters at the Warren General Hospital
  • Press The Photo 1956 Hospital flood General the at waters Warren Warren waters at Press flood General The the 1956 Photo Hospital
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Mrs William Schultz in her flooded Cleveland home
  • Press Mrs Photo 1956 home William Cleveland her in Schultz flooded flooded Schultz in Press William Cleveland Mrs her 1956 Photo home
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo St. Bernard Parish - Henry Schindler, Flood Control Plan
  • Press St. Photo 1956 Control Plan Bernard Flood Henry - Parish Schindler, Schindler, Parish - Press Bernard Flood Plan St. Henry 1956 Photo Control
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Carnegie Main Street After Flood
  • Press Carnegie Photo 1956 Main Flood After Street Street After Press Main Carnegie Flood 1956 Photo
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Family from New Orleans dealing w/ flood waters inside home
  • Press Family Photo 1956 waters inside from flood dealing home Orleans New w/ w/ home New Orleans Press from flood inside Family dealing 1956 Photo waters
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Flood worker check water level of flooded plant in Rhine River.
  • Press Flood Photo 1956 plant in River. worker flooded level Rhine water check of of Rhine check water Press worker River. flooded in Flood level 1956 Photo plant
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Neckar River High Flood Waters in Heidelberg, Germany
  • Press Neckar Photo 1956 Germany River Heidelberg, Waters Flood High in in High Flood Press River Heidelberg, Neckar Waters 1956 Photo Germany
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Worst Flood in the History of Western Pennsylvania
  • Press Worst Photo 1956 Pennsylvania Flood Western History the in of of in the Press Flood Western Worst History 1956 Photo Pennsylvania
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Aliegheny River Crested at 19 Feet, Five Feet Above Flood Stage
  • Press Aliegheny Photo 1956 Feet Above Stage River Five 19 Flood at Crested Feet, Feet, Flood Crested at Press River Stage Five Above Aliegheny 19 1956 Photo Feet
  • $16.99
1956 Press Photo Police Paddle Raft Down Flooded Street Vilshofen 1950s Germany
  • Press Police Photo 1956 1950s Germany Paddle Vilshofen Flooded Down Raft Street Street Raft Down Press Paddle Vilshofen Germany Police Flooded 1956 Photo 1950s
  • $25.00
1956 Press Photo Flood waters at Kootenai River - spa63759
  • Press Flood Photo 1956 waters spa63759 River Kootenai at - - at Kootenai Press waters spa63759 Flood River 1956 Photo
  • $15.99
1956 Press Photo Rescued From Flood - nef31775
  • Press Rescued Photo 1956 From nef31775 - Flood Flood - Press From Rescued nef31775 1956 Photo
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Hurricane Flossy - New Orleans Police drive through flood water
  • Press Hurricane Photo 1956 through flood Flossy drive Orleans water New - Police Police water - New Press Flossy drive flood Hurricane Orleans 1956 Photo through
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Mrs. Alice Flood, teaching students in Ford's one-room school
  • Press Mrs. Photo 1956 one-room school Alice Ford's students teaching Flood, in in Flood, teaching Press Alice Ford's school Mrs. students 1956 Photo one-room
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Michell Floods after Flood Washed out part of town - orb13004
  • Press Michell Photo 1956 of town orb13004 Floods part Washed - Flood after out out - after Flood Press Floods orb13004 part town Michell Washed 1956 Photo of
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Farmer Drivers Cattle To Dry Ground As Flood Waters Threaten
  • Press Farmer Photo 1956 Flood Waters Drivers As Dry Threaten To Cattle Ground Ground Threaten Cattle To Press Drivers As Waters Farmer Dry 1956 Photo Flood
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Worker Mans Pump Equipment To Clear Flood Waters Subway Tracks
  • Press Worker Photo 1956 Waters Subway Mans Flood To Tracks Equipment Pump Clear Clear Tracks Pump Equipment Press Mans Flood Subway Worker To 1956 Photo Waters
  • $19.99
1956 Press Photo Two Shaker buses trapped by the flash flood - cva84923
  • Press Two Photo 1956 flood - Shaker flash by cva84923 trapped buses the the cva84923 buses trapped Press Shaker flash - Two by 1956 Photo flood
  • $19.99
1956 Flood Waters River Avenue Lower North Side Pittsburgh PA Press Photo
  • Flood River Waters 1956 Press Photo Avenue PA Side North Lower Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Lower North Flood Avenue PA Photo River Side 1956 Waters Press
  • $25.00
1956 Indianapolis Speedway Race Track Flooded by Rain Press Photo
  • Indianapolis Race Speedway 1956 Track Photo Rain by Flooded Press Press Flooded by Indianapolis Track Photo Race Rain 1956 Speedway
  • $10.88
1956 Indianapolis Speedway Mrs Altmann & Daughter at Flooded Track Press Photo
  • Indianapolis Mrs Speedway 1956 Press Photo Altmann Track at Daughter & Flooded Flooded & Daughter Indianapolis Altmann Track Photo Mrs at 1956 Speedway Press
  • $10.88

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